The World Has Gone Crazy About This Asian Diet!!! Try it And You Will Lose 3 Kg in Only 10 Days!!!

Have you ever noticed that women from Asia have almost no cellulite? Also you can hardly ever see a Chinese with excess weight. This is due to a healthy and varied diet. The best thing about this diet is that all the harmful saturated fats, such as the sugar, are completely eliminated from this diet. Namely these fats can be pretty harmful for your body, because they are the main cause of the accumulation of cellulite, as well as pounds.

Many experts believe that Asians are slim thanks to the philosophy of the food they consume. In addition they also sort their food into smaller plates or bowls, which are never filled up to the top. Doctor Colin Campbell wrote a paper called The China Study. In this paper Dr. Colin turned this Asian diet into a plan for weight loss. From this point on the world went crazy for this diet.

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