Things Responsible Men Do When Their Partner is Pregnant

The followings are some of the things the responsible men do when their partner are pregnant:

1. Shower her with gifts:

This is the period the responsible men drops by the next store to get gift for their partner, not just any gift but best of those items the partner loves.

2. Every minute checks:

The responsible men knows that the pregnant stage is the period their attention is needed most by their woman, so they do all they can to be close when they are not even close. They call every minute to ask about the welfare of the partner and the unborn child while they wait anxiously to see the baby start moving in the stomach.

3. They ask questions at all times:

At every sound of the partner, the man will ask question, how are you? what is it? hope no problem? and so on. This is not just for asking sake, but to show the woman they are also feeling what the woman is feeling even when that is not possible.

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