How surgeons transform a p*nis into a v@gina revealed in eye-watering computer generated footage


The physical transition from male to female is a long one, but a new video shows in detail how male-to-female s*x reassignment surgery actually works.

The animated video, uploaded to Vimeo by the European Association of Urology, lays out the process of removing a person’s p*nis and testicles and forming a vagina. And it. Is. Fascinating. Watch it below:
From start to finish, here’s how surgeons perform the procedure:

The scrotum is cut down the middle, and each testicle is removed.
The skin of the penis is cut and pushed to the base.
The head of the penis is sliced (but not fully removed) and pulled back, and the inside of the p*nis is removed.
The penile skin is inverted, and incisions are made to create a clitoris and urethral opening.

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