What The Colour Of Your Urine Tells About Your Health

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Urine isn’t something most people talk about. We barely give it more than a passing glance as it swirls out of sight down the toilet bowl. Yet changes in the urine – its colour, odour, and consistency – can provide important clues about the state of your health.

Here’s what the different colours could mean:


This is mostly nothing to worry about – but in rare cases, sports fans drink so much water their bodies can’t get rid of it. Mike Laniado, a urology expert at Windsor Urology, Berkshire, says:“Rarely, this causes the urine and blood to become very diluted, the sodium levels in the blood drop and the brain swells, sometimes leading to seizures and death.” This is rare – but if you’re worried you’re swilling down too much water, restrict yourself to drinking when you actually feel thirsty, rather than downing extra to improve performance

5 Health Warnings From Your Urine Colour

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