What To Do If You See Blister Or Sores On Your Genitals… Don’t Panic Here Is What You Need To Do

Although this subject is not something you speak about with
buddies and relatives, it is something you require to be informed about. Normal vaginal blisters need to not scare you or be embarrassed about.

Vaginal blister is something all women can get. They are triggered by friction, ingrown hair, and stopped up gland. Anyhow, you need to differentiate in between common Sexually Transmitted Disease blister or bump and non-STD vaginal or vulvar blister.

A normal vaginal blister appears like any other blister and may include fluid or blood. Additionally, they may have oval or circular shape and seem like a gel bubble on the touch. They ought to not have an obvious border and they must not itch, burn, or smell severely. Usually, they look like a single blister.

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