With This Simple Trick, You Won’t Feel Pain And You Can Wear High Heels Anytime You Want! (VIDEO)

I have one question for the ladies out there- Do you love wearing high heels while you’re out partying? I am aware that some of us have problems while wearing it and we still do it.Why do we do that? Because we look much better with them, than without them . American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) have made a research about women and high heels . There were involved about 1000 US women age 18 and over. The research showed that even half of the women wear high heels and the majority of them are in pains because of the heels.

As they said, pretty hurts. Although we are in pain, it can’t stop us wearing the shoes we love or buying it.  An average woman who wears heels has nine pairs. The researchers wanted to know what  the women do when there are in pains because of the heels. The women’s answer was that they are going to wear them anyway.

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