Your Poop Contains Clues About Your Obesity Risk

The latest research conducted by scientists in Britain reveals that there’s a connection between the diversity of bacteria in human poo (the human fecal microbiome) and the amount of harmful body fat. According to the researchers this could be a step towards understanding why obesity is genetically predisposed in many cases and why it runs in families. They revealed that having a significantly lower range of fecal bacteria is linked to high levels of visceral fat, a condition which often leads to chronic diseases. Visceral fat is dangerous because it’s the fat that surrounds some of the major organs such as the liver, intestines and pancreas and high levels of this fat increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

According to the study published in the journal Genome Biology on Monday, people with a wide range of bacteria in their feces, on the other hand, had lower levels of visceral fat. The study examined feces samples from 1313 twins which were already a part of another study named Twins UK.

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